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Working with Erica, I have far exceeded what I thought possible in terms of personal strength and fitness. Even with her accolades and extensive knowledge, Erica is very humble and easy to work with. Her methodology is challenging yet understandable, uncommon for such complicated movements. Great for both the serious lifter and more casual such as myself. Beyond her expertise, she has been incredibly supportive of me, as well as many of her other clients. Attending all of our meets!

In short I am so grateful to have her to guide me through this journey.

Dustin W.

Client of 3 years. 

I have known and trained with Erica for over seven years, and she is one of the best personal trainers and coaches I have ever worked with.   When I first started working with Erica, I was overweight and injured, and lifting was very difficult for me.   She quickly adapted each exercise to my skill level and worked with me to ensure I was getting the most out of each exercise.   She has a great understanding of the science of strength and conditioning.  With her assistance and motivation, I was able to lose 65lbs, increase my strength and endurance.   Erica also works well with young inexperienced clients that have not worked with weights.  I would highly recommend Erica to anyone looking for a personal trainer. 

Michael P.

Member Of 7 Years

I have worked with Brad over the past four years, both class and personal training.  Brad works excellently with people, and his knowledge of fitness is unmatched.  He takes the time to assess your current condition and helps you develop a plan to meet your goals.  He knows how to adapt workouts to meet anyone’s fitness level.  Brad closely monitors your work and form to ensure proper technic and to prevent injury.  Brad is very adaptable to your needs and works well with experienced and novice clients.  Over time I worked with Brad, I lost weight while increasing my muscle mass and core strength.  I would highly recommend Brad as a personal trainer or his classes.  

Michael P.

Member Of 7 Years

Our son is 11 and is in basketball.  He trains 1-on-1 with coach Jack twice/wk. and the difference in his strength, coordination, endurance, and self-confidence is invaluable and understated.  The added activity and exposure to healthy habit is making such a profound difference in our son.  We cannot compliment coach Jack and FMP enough on the difference this alone has made in his young life and our membership.  He genuinely looks forward to each session and enjoys his time interacting with coach Jack.   We highly recommend FMP Fitness for you and/or your family.

Jack M., Son Of Claudette M.

Member Of Just Over 1 Year

I cannot say enough amazing words about Coach Brad! He combines a wealth of knowledge, a respect for correct form, and an awareness of individual needs.  All of this with a great personality allows him to connect to every client he encounters.  I’ve been at the gym training under him for almost six years.  When I injured my knee, he helped me rehab and modify my workouts to ensure my success!  I’ve also trusted him with training my son and daughter.  He not only trains them for their travel soccer season but also to become better athletes and to have a healthy future.  Time and time again, parents ask what training do the kids do because they are mostly impenetrable on defense, and my answer is Coach Brad and FMP in Orland Park.
Jeanette F. 

Member Of 6 Years

I have been a client of Jack's starting when I joined FMP Fitness Studio in 2015. I came in not being able to run any longer due to past knee injuries. Working out there as taught so many things, ie; how to work out effectively, with good form to avoid injury, and many tips on healthy eating.  They have always answered all my questions, given me sound fitness advice with whatever goal I have set for myself.  Because of my past knee injuries, he has always supplied me with alternative exercises to not cause discomfort on my joints but still gain strength in other areas.  When I decided to have knee injections so I could go back to running and triathlons, Jack trained me one on one and gave me personal weekly workouts to improve my mobility, strength and form. He taught me proper running form so to not cause further discomfort and injury to my body. My overall health has improved especially from recommendations from Jack on chiropractic care, supplement needs and what food to feed my body. Most importantly they always listen to their members, asking what they can do to make it better for us and help us with our goals, whatever they may be. I can't say enough about Jack and FMP.  I can't see me ever choosing another gym to work out at!  

Over the years training with Jack, I have lost weight, inches and gained muscle because of their advice and knowledge of the body's needs for overall health!  I truly believe I will live longer with the benefits and what I have learned from being a member and part of a gym "family" at FMP! 

Dawn A.

Member Of 4 Years

I signed up for Erica's Strength Program nearly two years ago. I was just hoping to change up my usual routine and to feel more comfortable with the power lifting movements. What I got out of her program was that and so much more. Erica taught me proper warm up, breathing, technique and essential fundamentals to the movements. She demonstrates a great attentiveness to her group as they lift, ensuring they are in the accurate positions constantly. The programs she has written for me have been challenging, extensive, fun and incredibly rewarding. I have gotten stronger every 8-week cycle I've performed. 

What lead me to follow Erica is her own personal accomplishments. As a mother of two with a full time job she has been able to achieve so much in competitive power lifting. What excuse would I have not to put in the work?! I am so grateful I made the decision to try her class. As so many others before and after me have felt. I have now achieved a level of both strength and general fitness through FMP that I had never previously attained. 

Matt L.

Member Of 3 Years

Training with Brad has helped me achieve improvements in my strength (physical and mental), endurance, and dietary regime that I didn’t think possible. Brad continually challenges me with a variety of movements and well thought out programs for every workout. Continual education about movement to avoid injuries, queuing and motivational support are cornerstone traits of Brad’s personal training program and I can’t imagine what my overall health would look like without his persistence (and patience) in helping me build strength and focus in my workouts. Brad is a unique and dedicated individual that exemplifies why being part of the FMP family is good for one’s own well-being.

Jan S.

Member of Over 5 Years

I have been working out with Brad once, sometimes twice, a week for over 12 months. During that time he has taught me the proper mechanics of certain Olympic lifts, and helped me
achieve my goal of being able to perform 10 strict pull-ups in a row. Brad challenges both my strengths and weaknesses in a way that I would rarely do on my own, and no two workouts are
ever exactly the same, so I never get bored. While unassuming, his knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology surpasses most other personal trainers in this area, which can be said for all of the
trainers at FMP. I highly recommend Brad as a personal trainer, whether you are looking to lose weight and get in shape, or take your fitness to the next level.

Paula G.

Member of Over 2 Years


The quality of instruction in the group classes exceeds expectations! The coaches make sure you are moving safely and efficiently, answer questions knowledgeably, and are attentive to everyone. I have made wonderful friends here, and class participants encourage each other often. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a gym.

Kate P.

Fellow NASM Certified Trainer 

The group training classes at FMP are far superior to any classes I have taken at the numerous "gyms" I have been a part of over the years.. Having been a member here for almost 6 years, I have never repeated the same workout. The programming that that FMP offers every single day is intentional, varied, challenging, and intense, but is instructed and guided in a way that is never intimidating or out of reach, no matter your skill level. The community of like-minded people that FMP has fostered is unmatched and I am continually so thankful for the dedication and knowledge of every single trainer. Having been an athlete my whole life, physical activity has always been important to me, but I am so thankful I have found a community that challenges me and pushes me to not only become more physically fit and healthy myself, but also provides much needed examples to my 3 kids about what a healthy lifestyle looks like and feels like. I am so thankful that I have found a community where, even as a mom of 3 in my late thirties, I can still push myself, set goals, and feel just as physically challenged as when playing sports through high school and college.

Meghan W.

Member Of 6 Years

As marathon runners, my husband and I joined this gym to gain strength and speed. While I was intimidated at first because all I knew was running, the coaches made it so welcoming and modified movements to be at my level. They genuinely care about each person's individual needs. My husband and I have not only gained strength and speed while at FMP, but also friendships. Our children have even made friends with other kids in the great kids area!

Nicole & Dan W,

Members Of 18 Months

I have struggled with my fitness for many years and FMP has always had an open-door policy for me. I have traveled for work up to weeks on end over much of my career and have been to many similar concept gyms across the country. None stack up to FMP Fitness Studio. Typically these other gyms have a culture, a process, and a protocol that tends toward the one-size-fits-all variety. At FMP, the culture is inclusive to all shapes, sizes, motivations, and goals.

Most important for me has been the community at FMP. Fostered by the welcoming, incredibly knowledgeable, and capable staff, the community at FMP is unlike anywhere else and has been responsible for my success.
Over the years my goals have shifted frequently between losing a lot of weight, getting crazy strong, looking good (or at least not too embarrassing) in a bathing suit, and/or just being healthy. There has always been programming and a place for me at FMP. The instructors have listened to my goals and supported me in achieving what was realistic (sometimes beyond my own expectations). The collective mastery of bio-mechanics, technique, and fundamental movement is second to none. I've learned a lot from them in addition to training safely and benefiting physically over the years.

I trust FMP so much that the owner now also trains my 14 year-old daughter, a competitive gymnast and softball player, to complement her training and maximize her performance.

FMP is the best. If you're looking to make an investment in your health and fitness, no matter what your reason or goal, FMP will help!

Brian B.

Member Of 7 Years

I have been a member at FMP for over 3 years now. What truly makes FMP different than any other gym I have been a part of is the top notched training you receive. Jack, Brad, and Erica are all amazing and they ensure first and foremost that you are not doing anything that could injure yourself, but then beyond that they work with you during classes to keep improving your form. They also keep pushing you to perform to your ability. Pushing you harder if you need it or pulling you back a bit if your grabbing a little too heavy of weights.
Beyond the training, the gym atmosphere makes a huge difference. Working out on a group that motivates you pushes you through sets you often would not do individually.
FMP is a great gym for everyone from beginners to the very experienced.

John R.

Member Of 3 Years

We are a couple in our late 40’s and were infrequent Lifetime members looking for something different, something more personal.  Often when working out alone or in an unstructured environment, the self-discipline was lacking or the planning resulted in 30 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical, then wandering the machines.  We wanted a plan, guidance, a bit of peer pressure to push us.   Friends recommended FMP Fitness (formerly Dinami) in Orland Park.  We gave it a shot about 1 year ago to the date,  and have not looked back.  An email to the owner provided us all the details and information to get started.  We walked in unannounced on Day 1 and coach Erica was incredibly personable and helpful in getting us acclimated to the surroundings and process of the group workout.  She guided us that 1st day on the scheduled exercises and the fundamentals of completing each skill properly.  This same attention is given each and every class by all coaches with the same personal attention and acceptance that everyone works at different levels.  We have taken advantages of the groups classes and the personal training.  The group classes are 1 hour of non-stop activity which deliver a unique workout everyday with groups of 1 to 17, depending on the demand that hour.  It is never too crowded and there is always enough space and equipment to go around.  The members are friendly and everyone is willing to help or guide as needed.  Quickly we made friends and the faces became familiar.  The 3 main coaches, Jack, Brad, and Erica are available for personal training and each has incredible knowledge of health, fitness, and technique.  In the beginning, the one-on-one training was very beneficial in learning the correct form and posture when doing different exercises for the group classes.  Highly recommended!

Joe V. & Claudette M.

Members Of Just Over 1 Year

Highly recommend FMP. The trainers are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The team, Jack, Erica, and Brad truly do care for your success with your health goals. They are very welcoming and so NOT intimidating. I've worked with other trainers that think that motivating you is by getting in your face and yelling at you to push yourself. When I started here I realized what real good and valuable trainer should be like. They will take the time to correct your form and help with your goals. They are always open to suggestions and seek feedback from the members in how best to improve their programming and offerings. Their classes are so very effective. And if you are just starting out, the trainers are great with providing any modifications. I also highly recommend their TRX classes!! Dallas is phenomenal and their TRX workouts do not disappoint! Your core will thank you.

Sandra V.

Member Of Over 5 Years 

I have been a member (on and off, due to moving) since 2012. At FMP Fitness, the trainers are knowledgeable, engaging and well prepared. The gym and equipment are always clean and organized. I love how the hours are very accommodating  towards all working schedules (including a 5am class and a 7pm class). Whether I am in the mood for a more strength-based workout or a more cardio-based workout, they have two options for workouts every day. The trainers at FMP Fitness take the time to teach each workout move in the correct form (some of us need more explanation than others… aka me) and the workouts are always fun and fresh! I have attended group classes with Erica, Brad and Jack and also participated in their personal training program with Jack. I came from having a back injury years ago that never went away. Jack was flexible with my ever-changing schedule and the programming was specific to me and my body type and my previous injuries. He taught me more about form and training safely and comfortably challenging myself when I was getting stronger (even when I would try to take the 7.5 pound weights) After about 6 months, my back pain was almost nonexistent and the way I worked out had completely changed. The workouts I was focusing on pre-back injury were wrong for my body and my fitness goals. I thought I needed more doctor visits, but in reality, I needed to learn how to train properly for my body type and learn more about health and fitness and I couldn’t have gotten there without Jack. I would highly suggest FMP Fitness for any age and fitness level. I tell myself this often… there are modifications for every challenging move and every injury. FMP will get you where you need to be. This gym deserves nothing less than 5 stars.

Amanda O.

Member Of Over 7 Years

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